Indori accent - how it scares the shit out of you

An actual hoarding at Indore railway station-and yes, this is how they spell Taste. :)

Although I have left Indore more than a year ago, still the mention of Indore makes me nostalgic. I am also reminded of the excellent food, snail paced life, and the dangers that lurked in every nook and corner of the city.

Well, calling indore a dangerous place may surprise some people, as the city is known for easy going, congenial, and peace loving people... which I don't deny.. but... be-you-tee.. BUT.. where else people eat poisonous reptiles with tea...? where else driving and writing both involve "pain"...? and where else do you find vampires in the hospital labs????

Surprised? Well, let me explain... due to MP sharing border with Gujrat, it has a big Gujju population... which influences their accent. The language goes haywire when they interchange cat and kate - mat and mate - and gatt and gate... test and taste . So when during a party one of my local friends called his wife and said get some tea with snakes, some of the people excused themselves from the party in a hurry.

Driving of course is a pain due to lack of traffic sense in the city... but pen again is pronounced as "pain" so driving and writing both are pain-ful. And yes, in the namkeen and sweets city of india when I had a little too much of snakes, and had to go to a doc, he probably diagnosed something serious... and suggested me to go to a Vampire in some hospital lab. After hearing the symptoms, he nonchalantly said, "Mr Talwar, go to a labe and gate your blood 'tasted.'"

So now you know what "Test of Indore" in the above graphic means? This is how they spell and pronounce "Taste." This is a hoarding at the Indore railway station ... but you can find such spelling blunders everywhere in the city. :)

Indori joke:

Ques: Why did the Indori get kicked in the crotch?
Ans: The bugger asked for it - he said, mujhe ball pain (ball-pen) chaahiye!


eUpendra said…
too good bhiyo...
virender said…
that was nice, but what does Vampire joke on?
darthv said…
Good one! ...going by your description of Indore, staying indoor seems to the only safe option!;)
- Jaideep
Geet choudhary said…
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