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They should probably have called it Rajini

What would a girl do if she comes across a guy who claims that he is a serial killer who has killed a few dozen girls?
a. She will scream like mad and run away. b. She will run away and contact police. c. She will run away and hide even from the police. d. She will tell the serial killer "tumhaare jaise logon ki wajah se ladkiyon ka ghar se nikalna mushkil ho gaya hai" and walk away calmly. Due to her outburst, the serial killer will be so taken aback that he will lose his composure for a few minutes.
Did you by any chance think of doing the d. above. No you didn't ...cause you are not as dumb as Asin or Murugadoss. This is precisely what Asin does in the movie.
So pronounced is the South influence in Ghajini, that they should probably have called it Rajini. As Rajini is synonymous with South when it comes to cinema. I wonder what Aamir Khan was thinking when he signed this film. Animated maple leaves... a dancing aamir in red hat, a director that thinks a drought-hit area m…

Indori accent - how it scares the shit out of you

Although I have left Indore more than a year ago, still the mention of Indore makes me nostalgic. I am also reminded of the excellent food, snail paced life, and the dangers that lurked in every nook and corner of the city.

Well, calling indore a dangerous place may surprise some people, as the city is known for easy going, congenial, and peace loving people... which I don't deny.. but... be-you-tee.. BUT.. where else people eat poisonous reptiles with tea...? where else driving and writing both involve "pain"...? and where else do you find vampires in the hospital labs????

Surprised? Well, let me explain... due to MP sharing border with Gujrat, it has a big Gujju population... which influences their accent. The language goes haywire when they interchange cat and kate - mat and mate - and gatt and gate... test and taste . So when during a party one of my local friends called his wife and said get some tea with snakes, some of the people excused themselves from the party…