Five things about Bahubali 2

I am a big #Bahubali fan, like everyone else. I watched it first day paying a steep 500 bucks for an IMax chair that did not recline. But anyway, it's Bahubali. Here's my five point summary about what the movie is like:

1) The movie is very good. As good as you expect Bahubali 2 to be. It does not disappoint and it did not blow me away after Bahubali 1 had set the expectations sky high. So, a great movie and a must watch.

2) Why Katappa Killed Bahubali is handled well, and you will like to be part of the circle that knows the secret. So, go fast and find it out before some idiot spills the beans on you. I have seen some authentic video clips of Bahubali 2 doing the rounds on social media that reveal the answer. Avoid them.

3) In this movie the leading pretty lady is Anushka Shetty who you saw as the old Devasena in part one. How pretty Anushka Shetty actually is a revelation to people like me who are not very well versed with southern cinema. Some of us know though that Prabh…

Tenant police verification in Noida now available online

Tenants - one of the major recurring tasks for us is getting the police verification done. The process is painful. It takes 3-4 visits of police stations and SBI for submitting forms and the required fees. Most of us outsource it to an agent who charges INR 1000 from each of us and make a killing submitting tens of these in a bunch.

Now, however, Noida police has made this process online. You can save all the effort and money and apply for it instantly.

Just go to the following link and you can file for your police verification. A printout of this form with all the data filled can be submitted to your apartment society as proof of application.

Some tips for filling up the form.

You need to have your scanned picture in a size smaller than 100KB. If you try to submit this form with a pic larger than 100 KB, the data will be lost. You will require mobile number and address of the municipal councillor (or Sarpanch) of the area of your perm…

Someone may already have your debit card and pin - 7 ways to save the money in your bank account

A family member told me that INR 50000 was spent from her account on international websites. A colleague woke up to 10 messages of INR 10000 has been withdrawn from his bank account - and if your maths is as brilliant as mine, you know he was duped of  1 Lakh rupees. In such thefts, the bank will do its own investigation after you file a police report and will respond in 45 days and will possibly return your money,... but why be in this situation?

Only your ATM PIN and your card stand between you and a fraud like this. The chances are, someone may already have your card duplicated and your pin available and is waiting for the right day when your account has more money. So change your ATM/Credit Card pins before reading further. It's a good idea.

So, how does such a theft happen? To duplicate your card, someone just needs a split second with your card when you are not looking. So if you hand over your card to someone for charging, he can just duplicate it by swiping it in one of t…

5 reasons I gave up the idea of buying a flat in Noida

I was very much interested in buying a flat in Noida, as I am paying a rent of about 19000 per month. A few thousands more and it can make EMI of a flat. Instead of an expense, it will become an investment and I will get tax breaks and appreciation in the property value too.

Having bought a flat earlier in Pune, I thought I knew this game. But what I came across surprised me and turned me off the whole idea of buying a property in Noida.

Not only the city is not as good as Pune, buying the property here is a whole different ball game here.

1) You do not talk to the builder - you cannot - you talk to the underwriter You lowly investor who wants to buy does not get to talk to the builders of the NCR. They are bigshots - these days they are not at their highest net-worth but they are bigshots nevertheless. So you instead talk to the Underwriters. No, they are not agents, they are underwriters... the reason the name underwriter sounds like undertaker is because dealing with an underwrite…

3 reasons why Haider flopped despite deriving from Shakespeare

"In 2008, 24 young Pakistani nationals were killed in (fake?) encounters Mumbai by trigger happy Indian police, violent Commandos, and later one hanged by the Indians" - is this statement true. Of course it is.  It's an alternative story of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Just like Haider is an alternative take on the Kashmir of 90s. 

The movie has irked many; though others are hailing it as a piece of art. The much awaited Haider has been running for 3 days now and the initial reports suggest that it's not a good news for Vishal Bhardwaj. There has been blatant misuse of the Martand Sun Temple in the song Bismil Bismil. They replaced the diety with the towering black-clad demon. Pure sheikhularism.

And then social media was abuzz with the reports that the movie shows Army in the poor light and glorifies the terrorists. On Oct 2nd itself, #BoycottHaider was trending on social media. With prominent personalities, such as Francois Gautier calling for the nationalists to stay t…

Let's thank the people who got us freedom: No, Gandhi and Nehru had nothing to do with it

Happy independence day!

We have largely four parties to thank for our freedom. First of all, the British. contrary to what we think, they made our freedom possible. Our Nehruvian education has done excellent work in deluding us that freedom was gotten "Bina Khadag Bina Dhal." The reality is very different though.

This article present an alternate perspective on our bondage of hundreds of years, our freedom, what made it possible, and what could have been.
What we were taught in schools
Our Nehruvian education tells us: "August 15 is the day we got our independence from the British due to the bina-khadag-bina-dhal non violent movement of Mahatma Gandhiji after a 200-year bondage. If the British had not enslaved and impoverished us, we would have been a rich nation and among top countries in the world."

But through a lot of reading and thinking, I have discovered that British one of the very factors that made our freedom possible.

Confused? Allow me to explain:

We w…

Cats sing - together ... nothing like you've seen before

Sunday morning, I was greeted not just the birdies singing in garden... but two cats singing in unison.

And I took one more video - while the cats continue to sing the notes same as each other.

Ever seen anything like this before? If yes, please share your experience. If you can enlighten me about what is happening here, I'll be glad.