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Let's thank the people who got us freedom: No, Gandhi and Nehru had nothing to do with it

Happy independence day!

We have largely four parties to thank for our freedom. First of all, the British. contrary to what we think, they made our freedom possible. Our Nehruvian education has done excellent work in deluding us that freedom was gotten "Bina Khadag Bina Dhal." The reality is very different though.

This article present an alternate perspective on our bondage of hundreds of years, our freedom, what made it possible, and what could have been.
What we were taught in schools
Our Nehruvian education tells us: "August 15 is the day we got our independence from the British due to the bina-khadag-bina-dhal non violent movement of Mahatma Gandhiji after a 200-year bondage. If the British had not enslaved and impoverished us, we would have been a rich nation and among top countries in the world."

But through a lot of reading and thinking, I have discovered that British one of the very factors that made our freedom possible.

Confused? Allow me to explain:

We w…