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Tenant police verification in Noida now available online

Tenants - one of the major recurring tasks for us is getting the police verification done. The process is painful. It takes 3-4 visits of police stations and SBI for submitting forms and the required fees. Most of us outsource it to an agent who charges INR 1000 from each of us and make a killing submitting tens of these in a bunch.

Now, however, Noida police has made this process online. You can save all the effort and money and apply for it instantly.

Just go to the following link and you can file for your police verification. A printout of this form with all the data filled can be submitted to your apartment society as proof of application.

Some tips for filling up the form.

You need to have your scanned picture in a size smaller than 100KB. If you try to submit this form with a pic larger than 100 KB, the data will be lost. You will require mobile number and address of the municipal councillor (or Sarpanch) of the area of your perm…