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Migrating to Noida\Gurgaon from Pune?

Important: police verification of tenants now available for online for free

I lived in Pune 2007 to 2010 - 4 years and now I've spent 3 years in Noida. I think I should share the comparison with people who are contemplating a similar switch to help them make an informed decision.

First of all If you are contemplating such a move, you either have a very pressing reason for doing so, or you are stupid or insane. Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are "cities" with their own culture, language, and people. Noida = a bunch of residential socities+big swanky malls+slums+stink. Noida isn't a real city, yet you have to shell out a lot more to live here due to its proximity to Delhi. Noida has the basics you need to survive but not enough to live.
Cost of living Weather I think you know this already. Winters and Summers will both make you cry. Add 2-3K monthly of electricity bill for AC in the summers and Heater in the winters. The harsh weather's problems are compounded by …