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Migrating to Noida\Gurgaon from Pune?

Important: police verification of tenants now available for online for free

I lived in Pune 2007 to 2010 - 4 years and now I've spent 3 years in Noida. I think I should share the comparison with people who are contemplating a similar switch to help them make an informed decision.

First of all If you are contemplating such a move, you either have a very pressing reason for doing so, or you are stupid or insane. Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are "cities" with their own culture, language, and people. Noida = a bunch of residential socities+big swanky malls+slums+stink. Noida isn't a real city, yet you have to shell out a lot more to live here due to its proximity to Delhi. Noida has the basics you need to survive but not enough to live.
Cost of living Weather I think you know this already. Winters and Summers will both make you cry. Add 2-3K monthly of electricity bill for AC in the summers and Heater in the winters. The harsh weather's problems are compounded by …

The great Parsis of India - What do they have that other minorities don't?

"Keep India clean." As I heard these words, I looked up. In the park, a Parsi gentleman was telling his 3 year old who had let go of a biscuit packet by mistake. As I saw the gentleman earnestly instruct his kiddo to  pick up the biscuit packet and throw it in the dustbin, I marvelled at this unique minority in India. The Parsis, believers of the Zoroastrian faith... the super achievers and the architects of modern India. 
Since they fled the Iranian invasion in the 7th century and arrived in Gujarat, there has been one simple Parsi tradition: Pick up a field of work and in that field be the best in the world

On their arrival they had promised the King in Gujarat to be like the sugar in the milk. Since then, they've not only been the sugar in the milk called India, but metaphorically speaking, its cream too. Mahatma Gandhi noted about the Parsis: " numbers below contempt ... but in charity and philanthropy, unequalled and unsurpassed." At 0.0058% of Indian…

The enigma called YOYO Honey Singh - what makes him so successful?

The PhenomenonAs I was adjusting my hair looking in the mirror in a wash-room in a mall in Pune, I heard "Inna wi na dope shope maareya karo." The housekeeper was singing along with the speaker of his cellphone. In the middle of a no non-marathis and marathi pride wave. the housekeeper's mind infiltrated by non-marathi beats and lyrics. Just like millions of other non Punjabis in places such as Bombay, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, he also couldn't help but take involuntary Punjabi lessons from YOYO Honey Singh.... This housekeeper wasn't an isolated non-Punjabi singing Honey Singh's songs.
YOYO Honey Singh is everywhere: 
Channel V prime time2 out of the 10 most viewed videos on YouTube in 2012Record INR 70 lakhs for one Bollywood song (Mastaan), Most successful Punjabi Album of all time (International Villager)Collaboration with legends like Sardool Sikandar and Anurag Kashyap.He had a Hollywood offer that he refused due to the tight deadline: Die Hard 5YOYO Honey Si…

7 habits of highly effective Indian Politicians

1. Play fair - no body blows
All politicians are your brothers - even the ones in the opposition who spew venom against you in the media and plot your downfall. If there is an allegation of a rape, murder, embezzlement etc. against a politician, you have to do everything in your power to save them. Even if the politician is in the opposition, save him. Tomorrow he will be in the power and will do the same for you. Professional ethics go a long way.

2. Never forget your roots

Communities vote for you for being one of them. If people of a backward community vote for you, promoting education and welfare in that community will constitute as “forgetting your roots.” 

If the backward vote for you, keep them backward. And proclaim yourself as one of them despite your Z plus security, aerial transport, and multi-billion rupee parks dedicated to you. 

3. Follow the un-issued edict and prove your faithfulness
Let’s say the leader of your party is assassinated. The party cannot issue a direct order f…

Gangs of Wasseypur - a derivation of Mario Puzo's works

Gangs of Wasseypur (1 and 2) is a derivation of Mario Puzo's work, somewhat like Maqbool is of Macbeth, Omkara is of Othello, 7 Khoon Maaf was of Susanna's Seven Husbands.

But a little differently from these too, as it is not announced officially. 

As a die-hard, staunch Mario Puzo disciple who maintains that a man can lead a more effective life by embracing many of the principles that Mario has brought up in his writings, I could recognize the characters and patterns in GOW that co-incide with Mario Puzo's writings.  

Faizal Khan (pronounced as Phaijal in the movie), just like Michael Corleone, is the reluctant, unlikely Godfather 2. He does not want to be part of the action but is forced to be when his father and elder brother are killed in action. Both Phaijal and Michael later legitimize their businesses and have political ambitions that remain unfulfilled.Enemies marry their kids with each other to end the hostilities - in fact the whole thing is a hogwash ... in GOW as …