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The blunderous short forms..SMS lingo

The growing use of contractions and shortforms means many blunders happening.
Conference call becomes "con" call... who is conning whom?Mobile becomes "mob" :)One of the candidates applying for a job had named the "title" tag in the document using a quite mind boggling 3-letter contraction.... but I can't mention it here.But nothing surpasses the way a Techie acknowledged my thanks on internal messenger: "You are WC" he said! I was quite upset on him, for no apparent reason, calling me a piece of bathroom fittings, but then I realized it was meant to be "Welcome."________________________________________________________________

So what do I do? Technical Writing of course!

People will never understand what Technical Writing is... and what Technical Writers do. The question about what we do, however, is unavoidable. Be it an old college senior you bump into in a party or a bunch of people that come to your place to discuss matrimony...they will ask, "so what do you do?"

With time, I've learnt a few answers that help me. Based on the present and potential understanding level of the person who is asking me this question, I reply in the following ways:

I write computer literature. (To an educated but non-computer-savvy person..may be a little misleading though, as this reminds of Fat books studied in B-Tech classes.) I am something of a writer. (When you don't feel the compulsion to put in effort, unless asked further)I am a techno-commercial writer (Usually to females.. makes it sound lot more interesting.. but the compound adjective techno-commercial does convey a lot here... and is more effective than mere "Technical") Main comp…