Five things about Bahubali 2

I am a big #Bahubali fan, like everyone else. I watched it first day paying a steep 500 bucks for an IMax chair that did not recline. But anyway, it's Bahubali. Here's my five point summary about what the movie is like:

1) The movie is very good. As good as you expect Bahubali 2 to be. It does not disappoint and it did not blow me away after Bahubali 1 had set the expectations sky high. So, a great movie and a must watch.

2) Why Katappa Killed Bahubali is handled well, and you will like to be part of the circle that knows the secret. So, go fast and find it out before some idiot spills the beans on you. I have seen some authentic video clips of Bahubali 2 doing the rounds on social media that reveal the answer. Avoid them.

3) In this movie the leading pretty lady is Anushka Shetty who you saw as the old Devasena in part one. How pretty Anushka Shetty actually is a revelation to people like me who are not very well versed with southern cinema. Some of us know though that Prabhas and Anushka are getting married soon. Tamanna Bhatia has nothing more than a cameo in the part 2.

4) Bahubali 2 matches or even surpasses Bahubali 1 in most things but nothing can match Shiva's act of picking up the Shivaling and placing it under the waterfall with Kailesh Kher singing a song embedded the Shiva Strotam.

5) The action - we saw that Bahubali 1 drew inspiration from hollywood movies such as Troy. 300, LOTR, and even Avengers. But action of Bahubali 2 surpasses anything we have seen so far. Hollywood will watch in the awe  - the imagination and execution of some action sequences of Bahubali 2. I wonder if seeing archery of Mahendra Bahubali, you too, like me, think ... that's Arjuna!


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