Migrating to Noida\Gurgaon from Pune?

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I lived in Pune 2007 to 2010 - 4 years and now I've spent 3 years in Noida. I think I should share the comparison with people who are contemplating a similar switch to help them make an informed decision.

First of all

If you are contemplating such a move, you either have a very pressing reason for doing so, or you are stupid or insane. Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are "cities" with their own culture, language, and people. Noida = a bunch of residential socities+big swanky malls+slums+stink. Noida isn't a real city, yet you have to shell out a lot more to live here due to its proximity to Delhi. Noida has the basics you need to survive but not enough to live.

Cost of living


I think you know this already. Winters and Summers will both make you cry. Add 2-3K monthly of electricity bill for AC in the summers and Heater in the winters. The harsh weather's problems are compounded by the pollutants in the air and water. I have spent 1 year of common cold adjusting with the weather and pollution and seen a few other people do so. Get ready for persistent problems. Even your Car and Window ACs and your fridge will need frequent repairs and gas top-ups... more than any other city. Extra costs: 50K a year. 

Registration of the Car\Vehicle

Something good. Unlike in Pune, you can drive a car with any registration in the NCR. No one will ever point it out. Just keep your papers in place and never drive drunk in Delhi. Never Ever. But unlike Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, the police does not discriminate between cars belonging to different states.

Fuels costs will go down by Rs 8.60 per litre

Petrol in Delhi is cheaper than in Pune - diff Rs 8.60. If you could cross into Delhi (from Noida or Gurgaon), you can get a 45-liter tank full for some Rs 390 less.

Eating out and other costs

Be prepared to shell out 30% more. Noida has very few places to eat out and they are insanely crazy. Even Delhi is cheaper compared to Noida and has much more quality and choice to offer.
  • Eating out in an average restaurant : Pune 250 per head, Noida 600 Per head
Indices DifferenceInfo
Consumer Prices in Pune are 8.75% lower than in Noida
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Pune are 6.60% lower than in Noida
Rent Prices in Pune are 2.53% higher than in Noida
Restaurant Prices in Pune are 27.38% lower than in Noida
Groceries Prices in Pune are 0.92% lower than in Noida
Local Purchasing Power in Pune is 4.73% higher than in Noida
Source: Numbeo.com 

Standard of Living

Noida mostly is not cramped. But Delhi and Gurgaon are. Hygiene in Noida is probably the worst in India. It stinks. I stopped riding my bike after coming to Noida. I just drive with the windows rolled up... AC on recirculation. Noida as a city has nothing to offer. No culture. No nothing. It's just a suburb of Delhi. Please budget for inflated medical bills.


Forget about the convenience of the reliance marts. Here, although you have big malls for the big brands, grocery shopping is not the same. Your physical fitness is tested as you move from shop to shop climbing stairs and descending into the basements of the shops. Unlike a reliance mart, you will have to visit 5-6 shops ... testing your stamina and ability to take the frequent temperature change. AC (20 degrees).. then outside 45 Degrees ... then again 20 degree... keep your medicines handy.

Rental accommodation 

Rental housing in Noida is in a mess - Forget the swanky Magarpatta and other societies of Pune. Finding an apartment is quite a test here and living there is another. Be very careful about power backup, water supply, and security before you choose a place to live. A good 2BHK's rent in Pune: 12-17K, Noida: there are no 2 BHKs ... so 3 BHK 18-30K Gurgaon: 20K to 40K.
Extra costs: 50-60K a year

Buying real estate

In Gurgaon, if you have 1 crore and you go to buy a 2 BHK, the builder tells you: Abe chal, hawa aane de.  In Pune, you talk to the builder to buy a flat. In Noida, you talk to the intermediary: The real estate consultant. The builder does not entertain you. These intermediaries have a pool of properties and they generally try to sell you something you can hardly afford rather than the best deal available with them for you. They want to milk you so much, you leave the thought of buying the property.

Real estate is crazy expensive in the NCR cause there are too many richie rich people who have bought 2, 8, 10, 25 flats for investment.

See: 5 reasons i gave up the idea of buying a flat in Noida


NCR has less of regionalism, as everyone here is an outsider. If you can manage a bit of Hindi, you are fine. But be very careful about picking up any arguments with anyone. People have connections, fists, eagerness to have boxing\wresting match with you, or they would just do shooting practice. The rape epidemic is another things you already know about from the news.


Delhi and Pune are both quite polluted. But in Pune, you have the option of staying in the outskirts that are less polluted. In the NCR, living in the outskirts will mean another hour of commute.



Go to Noida\Gurgaon if you have a very very pressing reason, but let it not be a small raise. A package of 13 Lakhs in Pune is same as 16 Lakhs in Noida and 18 in Gurgaon. 

Do not leave the peaceful, simpler, and much more cultured city Pune to come to Noida or Gurgaon. The salary in Pune may be less, but you can have a better life in Pune with less money. 

If you just want to shift closer to your parents, see if your parents can shift to Pune instead. If they are not totally against moving, they will begin to like it there gradually. 


Devraj Baruah said…
wonderful read. And so I guess, I am much more cleverer than you, not shifting anywhere, leaving Pune behind ;)??
For the Past few year Gurgaon has become a city of royals. The city has no sentiment even for the middle class public. Even if you own a flat you will have to encounter with water supply problems and if you live at ground floor you will have to face watelogging problem. Power supply, Water Supply and traffic problem has become a signature status for Guragon. But their are some agency has initiated steps to make Gurgaon royal even for the poorest people on the street.

Ram Sharma said…
I am not agree with you. Nowadays there is nothing like this. Gurgaon is a nice place to leave and builders are offering reasonable offers.
Vikas Gupta said…
Thanks for sharing. Very informative.
Gyanesh Talwar said…
Thanks all - for the comments.
nilesh said…
Dude. Hi.. This is Nilesh. Your essay was quite help. Well, I have already relocated my self to Delhi from Pune :) May b, with a bit of craziness for living close to my hometown bihar.
Delhi is obviously costly in comparison with pune. But we get even too many benefits as well in staying here. You can travel your home frequent & even your family members can come. This is obviously a big prob if you are staying in pune. Coz, it difficult for you and your family to travel every time through flights. N as being a north india you dont feel hesitation in sharing your hometown, i guess you must be aware of regionalism in maharashtra.
Well, true. There are some loop holes here in delhi. But once you have stayed here in delhi long. You can easly get a handsome salary, if you again relocate back to pune .. lol. Now i guess you must b thinking to write an essay same but vice versa. Enjoy man cheap drinks in delhi.. Cheers.
Gyanesh Talwar said…
@nilesh: Thanks for your comment. I am glad you found it useful. I understand what you said about travelling to your hometown and regionalism in Pune. Also, Gurgaon and Delhi are awesome places to party.

It's good that you like Delhi and are staying here.

I, however, prefer Pune where life is easier, people are nice, and money has more value. :)
Dear sir,Delhi/NCR is just famous for it's negative points while Pune citizens only blow their own trumpets.I accept faults of Delhi but to be honest,Pune is not best city to live in India as Pune has worst,senseless transportation in INDIA.Moreover, localides here always try to con outsiders(hindi oriented people).Food options are too less than NCR & HAIRLOSS in male pattern wll be another gift for you from Pune.There is totally no presence of infrastructure.If you live in areas like wakhad,check locks of your houses again and again, you can be mugged in kharadi. Common Problems at all places, highlighted in just one city.
Gyanesh Talwar said…
@Aniruddh: I think your points are all valid. I can relate to most of what you are saying.

But I will suggest, try to mix up more with people and make good friends... It will help. Pick up a little Marathi. Try to blend in. I have faced most of what you are saying myself.

If you can get mugged in Kharadai, it is worrying. But compared to Noida, Pune is still far safer.
Anil Singh said…
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chinuexpert said…
I have got an opportunity from gurgaon but after reading this I changed my decision. Thanks to you. And nicely mentioned all required points.
Sameer Singh said…
Gurgaon is a millennium city.Dont fool people here
Sameer Singh said…
Rapes happen everywhere .but its get highlited very easily coz its ncr ..capital region of India ..gurgaon is an amazing place .I am staying here from past 4 years .its. A true millennium city .and ppl just Google places like cyber hub and all .I can bet ..u won't feel that you are in India ..I have seen many places and top cities of India but its one of the best
Gyanesh Talwar said…
Interesting perspective, Sameer. So where all have you lived in India? Are you staying with your family in Gurgaon?
Gyanesh Talwar said…
@sameer singh: do share your experiences living in Gurgaon and I will love to include your thoughts in the blogpost.
Gyanesh, I am contemplating a move to Noida from Pune for proximity to my home town, but came across your nice blog. I am just rethinking my decision.

Any perspective on food contamination and adulteration in NCR/Noida? Further, traffic in Pune is growing really bad and so is the air pollution and water scarcity.
Gyanesh Talwar said…
@Saurabh Gupta: Sir, thanks.

Specifically about food contamination: when I go to the mandis in Noida to buy fruits and vegetables, I see everything shining with bright colors - it made me suspicious.

Fortunately, there are Safal centers everywhere. I found Sabzi at Safal a little dull looking - which is sign of genuine sabzi. While we get stuff like Broccoli through the year in open mandis, Safal will have it only in the winters. Manyatimes, Safal people have not stored some or the other Sabzi and turned me back saying, Sir, we did not get it in the right quality so we did not store it.

for other groceries also you can go to branded places or figure out your trusted vendors for everything.

That said - yes, like you said... you find more of people with evil twists in the NCR who will do anything for a little profit.
sargam india said…
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Jaydeep Mistry said…
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Jaydeep Mistry said…
Hi-I'm moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon in two weeks. Any recent heads up? Any suggestions on nice places to stay?

Jaydeep Mistry said…
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Gyanesh Talwar said…
@Jaydeep: I am not that much familiar with Gurgaon... I live in Noida.
anjali gupta said…
In recent times, Noida is brimming with malls, industries and corporate offices. One can enjoy various places to visit in Noida as tourist places here are diverse and interesting.
sargam india said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yes you might be correct regarding some of the issues in your post. However things like groceries can be managed once you get to know the area where you are residing. There are malls which have supermarakets just that one might not be aware of them. Talking to the neighbours can surely help you. Affordable food options - restaurants in sec-63, Naivedyam for example serves quite good south indian meals. There are other restaurants where you can enjoy a meal for 2 at about Rs800 (just checked zomato, https://www.zomato.com/ncr/noida-restaurants?cft=2). Also I guess large food joint chains(KFC,Dominoes) have pretty much the same prices across cities, although I am not very much sure.
Noida has an influx of people from different parts of the country that develop an awesome cosmopilatan culture for it.
All in all it is a rapidly developing city, has quite a lot of problems but then where do you a simply perfect place?
pullz said…
I have done my studies from pune and unfortunately decided to shift to Noida .
trust me guys ... noida sucks ....move to pune . dnt waste ur time thinking bout this.
If u r in noida..n wanna spend qwality weekend, here are the options
u can reach agra ..meerut..moradabad..ghaziabad..gurgaon max time 3 hrs.. again all pathetic places.

if u r in pune ... u have khandala ..lonavala..harihareshwaram .. lavasa..alibag..mathran..mahabaleshwar...shirdi... n of course ...
MUMBAI n GOA ........pune is aall bout beautiful hills ...awsum climate ...

plus the crowd in pune clubs n disc is much hip n knows how to party ...
noida is full of goons n uncultured ppl wearing hawai chapal in pubs just because they own a fortuner or a pajero ....n jumpimg on crazy bollywood vulgar dj mixes.

i wud suggest dnt think twice if u want to relocate to pune ..... its the best city with great night life ...and safest for girls ..which city in India offers girls to hangoutt at railway station CUMSUM eateries and then move by the morning ..
Rahul John said…
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Rahul John said…
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Rahul John said…
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Rahul John said…
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Rahul John said…
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Vinod Kumar said…
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Rahul SEO said…
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Zerelda said…
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Nikhil S said…
May I know which industry you work in to afford so much cash?
Does Noida pay better?
Nikhil S said…
Hi buddy I might need information regarding Noida.
May i know your email address?
saurabh krishna said…
Hi ..i m living in Gurgaon...just received an opportunity to work in pune....i belongs to up -Gorakhpur.....so...pls let me knw is the pune is good city as compare to Gurgaon???? Pls help
saurabh krishna said…
Hi ..i m living in Gurgaon...just received an opportunity to work in pune....i belongs to up -Gorakhpur.....so...pls let me knw is the pune is good city as compare to Gurgaon???? Pls help
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prakash seo said…
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Shilpa Singh said…
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