The great Parsis of India - What do they have that other minorities don't?

"Keep India clean." As I heard these words, I looked up. In the park, a Parsi gentleman was telling his 3 year old who had let go of a biscuit packet by mistake. As I saw the gentleman earnestly instruct his kiddo to  pick up the biscuit packet and throw it in the dustbin, I marvelled at this unique minority in India. The Parsis, believers of the Zoroastrian faith... the super achievers and the architects of modern India. 
Since they fled the Iranian invasion in the 7th century and arrived in Gujarat, there has been one simple Parsi tradition: Pick up a field of work and in that field be the best in the world

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw
Freddie Mercury

On their arrival they had promised the King in Gujarat to be like the sugar in the milk. Since then, they've not only been the sugar in the milk called India, but metaphorically speaking, its cream too. Mahatma Gandhi noted about the Parsis: " numbers below contempt ... but in charity and philanthropy, unequalled and unsurpassed." At 0.0058% of Indian population, the Parsis have lead India and world in every field they have taken up. 
I have never come across a Parsi who is not proud to be an Indian, did not speak the language of the state he lived in, or ever did anything that could remotely make anyone uncomfortable. What makes them such winners? I wonder. I also wonder what can India achieve if all of the Indians could be like the Parsis?
While the other minorities in India claim to be the victims and have faced riots, prejudices, and persecution, I wonder what makes Parsis super achievers and never a target of persecution.
  1. Riots against Parsis = 0
  2. Parsis complaining of unjust treatment = 0 
  3. Incidents of Parsis being discriminated against = 0
  4. Parsis giving hate speeches against India and hindus = 0
  5. Parsis venting frustration against VHP and Hindutva on Facebook = 0

 Well, some of the things that separate Parsis from other minorities are:

1) Parsis know apples are apples and oranges are oranges

A Parsi never sneaked into anyone's house and tried to convert someone's kid to a Parsi. 

In contrast, many people in other minorities are working overtime to push their way of thinking and use money, coercion, force, and magic healing to proselytize. Not only it limits their ability to do anything constructive, it also begets reactions that the other minorities call persecution. Parsis never have this confusion. While Parsis do not give up their faith, they never scheme to deprive anyone else of theirs'.

 2) Parsis think positive

While Parsis came from outside and have become Indians that other Indians aspire to be, many indigenous people who have converted their faith are programmed to feel like victims. Boo hoo... I am not treated well here. India is not a nice country. There are are so many problems in this country.. caste-ism, discrimination, inequality, animal sacrifice (really?), sati (oh, when did you last see that?), safron terror (?!). 

Dudes, get a life! While a Parsi is considered to be poor at a 90K INR monthly income, many people in other minorities are programmed by their handlers to forever feel like a poor victim of the system and praise other countries. "Oh, my broadband is not working today, India is such a bad country." "Oh, there was a theft at my friend's place two weeks ago and the corrupt Indian police have not done anything about it." Duh! 

While you were sobbing over the speed of your broadband, a Parsi somewhere in India has made the next big thing on the Internet.

3) Parsis do not bite the hand that feeds them - rather, they return far more than they receive

India is a great country that welcomes everyone with open arms. And India has benefited greatly because we did so when the Parsis landed here seeking refuge. In fact, even the invaders who wanted to get settled here were embraced and given equal rights and opportunities. 

While the Parsis have returned far more than what they received, many people in other minorities are perversely ignorant of their privileges that they have done nothing to deserve. Abusing India and everything about India is the favourite pastime of many in minorities who conveniently ascribe everything wrong with them to the inequities of the Indian society and the high handedness of the Hindu majority.

Do you see Parsis worry about RSS? Or getting harassed by the RSS, Hindu fundamentalists, or the BJP?

India will go further if all Indians start thinking positive and not give into the agenda of the enemies of our country. If the Parsis can land here help this country make them the best in the world, we all can. 

4) Parsis don't aspire to dominate India - they rule the world due to their calibre

While Parsis have ruled every field they have taken up, they never have aspired to be the rulers of India. It is a tragedy that in the days of democracy, some people from other minorities remember ruling India very fondly and consider themselves better than the majority due to those glory days.
One gentleman from Hyderabad announced: "15 minute ke liye police ko hata do batadenge kiss mein himmat hai, kaun taqatwar hai" 

Dear friends from minorities and the majority:

India is a huge country with many changes taking place everyday. Things are not consistently just for anyone. Not even for the majority. If things are not what they are supposed to be, it's not the hindu funamentalism or a planned effort working against you. It's just an imperfection in the system. An imperfection that can have anyone on the receiving end. 

We owe a lot to India. Try to return it by imbibing the basic Parsi values. 

If you feel nothing is wrong with you and you are being persecuted in India by the majority, go be the Parsis of another nation. But don't spread negativity all around! India, a growing country, has to deal with many problems of its own. Contribute to the building of the nation, or at least do not try to dig up the foundations! 


FlyHi_Kas said…
Awesome read. good observation and simple language !
David Michael said…
Excellent!!! Wanted this to not end :-)
ramakrishnags said…
An article well presented about Parsis. We Love your Parsis....
Sagar said…
Very valid point
Sagar said…
Very valid point
Sagar said…
Very valid point

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