Gangs of Wasseypur - a derivation of Mario Puzo's works

Gangs of Wasseypur (1 and 2) is a derivation of Mario Puzo's work, somewhat like Maqbool is of Macbeth, Omkara is of Othello, 7 Khoon Maaf was of Susanna's Seven Husbands.

But a little differently from these too, as it is not announced officially. 

As a die-hard, staunch Mario Puzo disciple who maintains that a man can lead a more effective life by embracing many of the principles that Mario has brought up in his writings, I could recognize the characters and patterns in GOW that co-incide with Mario Puzo's writings.  

  1. Faizal Khan (pronounced as Phaijal in the movie), just like Michael Corleone, is the reluctant, unlikely Godfather 2. He does not want to be part of the action but is forced to be when his father and elder brother are killed in action. Both Phaijal and Michael later legitimize their businesses and have political ambitions that remain unfulfilled.
  2. Enemies marry their kids with each other to end the hostilities - in fact the whole thing is a hogwash ... in GOW as well as "The Last Don." In The Last Don, A marriage is supposed to end the Santadio-Clericuzio war, but doesn't work. The same arrangement fails to bring lasting peace between the Khans and Quraishis in GOW 2. 
  3. Guddu AKA Perpendicular is like Dante (the nephew of the Don Clerecuzio in "the last don") - both are short, vicious, extremely violent, and funny. 
  4. "Definite" the half brother of Faizal Khan is like "Gaspare Pisciotta" of the Sicilian ... who was convinced by the elderly fat don to kill his cousin, Turi Guilano. Both eventually succeed.
If you are a Mario Puzo fan, you must be nodding your head and having flashbacks of reading his works. If you are not, well well... then you haven't read Mario Puzo yet... Godfather is a good book to start... (no, watching the movie does not count... ) .. pick up godfather and you have 5-6 books to complete. And you will be a Mario Puzo disciple like yours truly for life. 

I am sure Anurag Kashyap watched all these movies several times while writing the story of Gangs of Wasseypur. And if you are a Mario Puzo fan, you can predict things while watching GOW.

The difference: While Mario Puzo's stories entertain you thoroughly, you appreciate GOW but not enjoy it that much. Thoughts?


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