They should probably have called it Rajini

What would a girl do if she comes across a guy who claims that he is a serial killer who has killed a few dozen girls?

a. She will scream like mad and run away.
b. She will run away and contact police.
c. She will run away and hide even from the police.
d. She will tell the serial killer "tumhaare jaise logon ki wajah se ladkiyon ka ghar se nikalna mushkil ho gaya hai" and walk away calmly. Due to her outburst, the serial killer will be so taken aback that he will lose his composure for a few minutes.

Did you by any chance think of doing the d. above. No you didn't ...cause you are not as dumb as Asin or Murugadoss. This is precisely what Asin does in the movie.

So pronounced is the South influence in Ghajini, that they should probably have called it Rajini. As Rajini is synonymous with South when it comes to cinema. I wonder what Aamir Khan was thinking when he signed this film. Animated maple leaves... a dancing aamir in red hat, a director that thinks a drought-hit area makes a perfect location for a song, and violence that will make your girlfriend want to leave the cinema hall in the first half an hour.

The naming of the film was equally disastrous - Ghajini in hindi-savvy India is "she elephant..." not Mehmood Gazni who attacked India 17 times. If not the gore, you can probably appreciate such a movie when you download it from a torrent ... and the protagonist is some unknown Surya guy from south... not "Aamir Khan." I was only compelled to spend Rs 250 X 2 because of the curiosity aroused by the hype created for the movie. I, like many other people, have considered Aamir khan a much better actor and a much more intellectual human being (than an SRK). But with this venture of Aamir khan, I have my doubts.

The gold-chains clad and white-shoes sporting villian from the 70s has a Haryanvi Accent ... don't know why. They did not bother to clarify in the movie what he does "over-the-carpet" in addition to his underground Kidney Racket and human traffiking. The police seem to have no clue, despite his gold chains and white shoes, that he is a bad guy and keep revering him as a prominent socialist. I do not think police in any of our states is so stupid.

The heroine is a split personality with personas of Mother Teresa and Basanti in her. One moment she is yapping incessantly -- next moment she is doing a great act of kindness... helping crippled children swing on the gate of a meusem to enter it. And she wants to buy 3 Ambassador cars before she gets married. Her attitude is so well depicted in the lyrics of the song "ae bachchoo - jhoom le chan chan chaiiyyan chum chupa-ke chhum... pairon mein ta-ta-thiyya... tum tupa-ke tum."

Mr Murugadoss should probably be recruited by WWF - his camera shaking style and violence that makes you sick in the stomach should be dished out to the people who deliberately choose to watch it... not to the unsuspecting Aamir Khan fans ... some of whom take their kids along to such a movie. (EEEKS!)

Aamir, bro... you can do better... work in the type of movies for which you have established yourself as a brand. And for heaven's sake, if you want a cross over to Tollywood again, go to a Mani Ratnam... go to a Shankar maybe... but not the prick named Murugadoss.

Bottom line: It can be an entertaining movie for you... if you are a homicidal maniac and have 2-3 hidden corpses in your house with blood spalletered over the walls and ... maybe... the ceiling. If you did not like reading the previous line, you most probably will not like going to this movie.


viroo said…
Wow! that was intense. the remote possibility of my spending 250 X 4 is now out of the nearest window. thanx for the warning, however, what were u doing spending on two movie tkts (anything in the air). more on this when v meet on the 5th. bye.
LordOfChaos said…
Omigosh !!! I feel the movie really struck an emotionally discordant chord with you :-) I have never seen you opposing a movie so vehemently and spewing venom against those hapless though mediocre southern directors !! I still haven't watched Ghajini but after reading your review, I think I will happily give it a miss :-)
A very good review of the film.

As you've said it's a major let down for Aamir Khan Fans...!

For once, the technical excellence of a film and the histrionics of the actors fall flat in the face of unwanted and largely glorified violence!

Kudos Gyan, Keep going on the good stuff...!

Lol...."Rajini"?....very original thought!!! :)
Eskayem said…
Hey! Gyan,

Awesum piece of writing man. Truly truly informative n communicative u r. Wish so-called phillum critics n reviewers were 10 per cent as interesting as u were in dis review. Gr8 job friend n keep it up.

Wud like 2 know u more, better. Btw, am Venky's friend n work in The Hindu, Hyderabad, as Special Correspondent. I also write about the film industry and occasionally write reviews too. Hee Hee!!

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